The Challenge

Alchemy Distributing was providing it’s products completely offline. Customers had to email or call to place orders, often without any knowledge of the entire product line available. The loss in revenue and less then ideal customer experience was a huge opportunity for Alchemy Distributing. On top of that, Alchemy Distributing lacked a clear sales process, customer retention strategy and marketing plan – without all of which they were on a path that didn’t equal their vision or opportunity.

“I have no idea where we’d be without Ansley.”

Benjamin Alexander

Owner / Alchemy Distributing

The Process

We had to find a way to provide specific access to purchasing products based on location – as Alchemy Distributing has exclusive rights over product lines in specific states. Being able to limit registration, provide pricing based on wholesale account status as well as the ability to provide bulk discounts was a top priority for success.

After building the site, optimizing the products offered, the next step was to ensure the back-end process was in line with the new customer experience. We implemented an internal intranet system for sales materials, a sales process for their sales team, put in place new point of sale & on the go sales opportunities as well as a CRM dedicated to prospecting & customer retention.

Lastly, we had to build the internal bookkeeping structure to ensure the client had visibility and clarity daily on their bottom line.

The results, a total company overhaul from top to bottom to ensure a clean slate.

  • Customer Portal (Mobile Responsive)

  • Location Based Ordering

  • CRM Implementation

  • Sales Process & Materials

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Set Up

Let’s Make It Happen

Ansley Williams

Marketing & Business Process Consultant

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